Junior High Bans Slutty Girls From Wearing Tight Pants Because They’re Distracting Young Upstanding Gentleman

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shutterstock_113194798Petaluma Junior High School has rolled out a new dress code that is reportedly for the female set only. Teens and tweens have been hereby instructed to leave their skinny jeans and leggings at home, specifically because they’re proving to be distracting to the young men folk. And that, of course, is the problem of everyone’s daughters — not, say, the looky loo boys themselves. reports that parents and students are rightfully “upset” over being told to modify their dress for male eyes. A school administrator reportedly held a super important Let’s Ban Tight Pants meeting — taken out of class time by the way — and laid out the following nonsense:

At Kenilworth Junior High in Petaluma, a school administrator pulled all the girls aside Thursday afternoon and told them they couldn’t wear pants that were “too tight” because it distracts the boys.

Instead of heading to their last class Thursday, all the female students reported to the multi-use room and when they found out what it was about there was quite an uproar.

And sure, there’s some teens in “an uproar” over having to reduce their trendy wardrobe by a legging or two. But teenage gripes over tossing out some ultra trendy skinny jeans don’t even compare to the deeply problematic notion this sends young female students about their bodies and the gaze of boys:

“We didn’t think it was fair how we have all these restrictions on our clothing while boys didn’t have to sit through it at all,” said Brittany Kruljack, another student.

Some parents were bothered by this because they said it sends the wrong messages to girls. “It is not our girls’ fault that these boys have quote ‘raging hormones’ they can’t control,” said Lisa Simond, a parent of a student.

No joke, Lisa. Translation: you’re a slutty McSlutterson with those tight pants who is distracting all these upstanding dudes with your sluttiness. It’s your fault, your problem, and should be your concern that your male peers can’t concentrate just because of what you decided to wear this morning. Like that’s something you want your impressionable 13-year-old being pulled out of her last class to be told by a bunch of adults.

Assistant principal Kathy Olmstead has reportedly apologized to parents with the following voice message:

“The guiding principle in all dress codes is that the manner in which students dress does not become a distraction in the learning environment, and we get that guidance from the California Education Code. I sincerely apologize that my remarks went farther than the intended message we wanted to deliver.”

But one mom sees the bigger picture:

That’s not the point, says Jerelyn Kruljac, who wore skinny jeans Friday in solidarity with her daughter and her friends. “Boys need to be taught to respect women no matter what they’re wearing, and that’s a big deal.”

Frankly, the whole wandering eyes impacting academic performance is an issue for parents of said young men to concern themselves with. Boys should learn young that the answer to their inability to prioritize school work shouldn’t be “cover up the ladies!”

But if we’re looking to lock down dress codes as a way to secure the concentration of all students, how about including a list of garments male students can no longer wear too?

Yeah, like a school would ever pull out all the male students to lecture them on how wearing tank tops is “distracting” to young ladies.

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