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App Makers Create Fake Bar For Pregnant Women As Marketing Stunt, End Up Looking Like Idiots

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I’m going to make a lot of assumptions here based on the only evidence I have at my fingertips, so here goes. Company makes an app. Company tries to drum up publicity for their app. Company makes giant, ridiculous billboard with a pregnant woman on it spraying champagne everywhere, like she’s in the VIP section of a club — one that allows people to spray champagne everywhere. Company pretends it’s opening up a bar where pregnant women can party without judgment.


The Facebook page for this nonexistent place says, “Gestations is the premiere bar for pregnant women to drink without being judged. Before getting checked out here, check us out on BarTrendR. You’re drinking for two now.” That is so funny! Because pregnant women drinking to the point of passing out is hilarious! And a pregnant woman in a sports bra popping a bottle of champagne is so edgy. And we really need more people believing that pregnant women daring to indulge in some alcohol are dangerous beings to be mocked. Only, no — none of that is true.  I guess they are really buying the advice all publicity is good publicity.

The actual app that they are advertising is a bar finder that also sounds like a totally dumb idea. Its tagline is, “Save your mouth for drinking. Use your thumbs to talk about your night out.” I was beginning to wonder if whoever made this app actually walks upright and even has opposable thumbs — so I did a little research. BarTrendR is the brainchild of two dudes – shocker. Devon Bergman and Francois Modarresse either created this viral campaign or okayed it — because clearly bar-hopping and pregnant women go hand in hand.


There is an actual storefront with signage at Fifth Street and Avenue A. In case you’re wondering if this could possibly be a thing, let me assure you it’s not. As someone who has been through the liquor license application process in NYC, I can confidently say you would never get a community board behind this, not to mention the city. Dumb.

Yes, I’m writing about it, but only to insult them. I am not a believer that all publicity is good publicity.

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