5 Halloween Displays That Make Us Ask, WTF?

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2. The World’s Most Incompetent Spiders


This is now the go-to decoration for lazy parents in my ‘hood. As if the scariest thing they can possibly imagine is if the cleaning lady goes on strike and their brownstones get dusty. Spiders are scary, yes. But no self-respecting scary spider is going to vomit neon-green and orange webs all over one tiny segment of fence or a single bush and call it a day. Also, what are these webs made of? It’s probably awful for the landfills.


(Photos: Sabrina Rojas Weiss)

3. Mooning and Flashing Pumpkins


There’s a fine line between “mooning” and looking like you’re ready for a good time from any passerby. The expression on this Jack-o-Lantern’s face pushes him into the latter category.

(Photo: Instagram)

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