Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Battling Medical Conditions

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Those of us obsessed with Hollywood probably think we know everything about our favorite stars, old and new. Even if you’re not particularly interested in celebrity culture, chances are you hear tidbits here and there on the news or over social media, or even just from tabloid headlines while waiting in line at the store. There are plenty of reasons why so many love watching the stars. We love seeing their takes on fashion and food. We love hearing their opinions on culture and the movies they are in or the shows that they watch.

We also love hearing about how they’re like us. On a superficial level, many love to know where celebrities go on vacation and how they choose to parent their kids. But one important way celebrities connect with the average person is when they open up about their own health. Anyone who has struggled with any kind of medical problem finds comfort in connecting with others who have the same issue. And celebrities can shine a spotlight on medical conditions in a way the average person usually cannot. Read on for a list of some celebrities that you may not know have been dealing with their own issues.

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