Family Who Seriously Committed To Halloween Decorations Gets Complaints From Lame Parents

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electricchairThe Reamer family in Vermont, who is notorious for going All Out in their Halloween decorations, has reportedly reached a level of scary that local parents are uncomfortable with. The family’s house, which is positioned along the Midlothian Turnpike, depicts a man on an electric chair. Neighbors are reportedly so freaked that one actually asked if the decorations “violates a county ordinance.”

Leslie “we go big or we go home” Reamer (seriously, she said that while holding up a guillotine) says that her over the top decorations are a big Reamer family tradition.

But one parent reportedly wrote into NBC 12 that the sight of lawn decorations just engenders too many questions in her little ones:

“To any passersby it looks like a dead man,” said the viewer who wished to remain anonymous. “How am I supposed to explain that to my kids while we wait at the red light? I shouldn’t have to. It is tasteless and extremely offensive. I urge you to investigate and see why this kind of display is acceptable in our lovely community.”

Not surprisingly, both the Chesterfield County Public Affairs office and Chesterfield Police said that they can’t do squat about private property. So, no, they won’t be knocking on any doors about taking down flipping ghosts and bats. But Leslie has a suggestion for said concerned parents:

“It’s all for fun,” said Leslie. “Children are easily misdirected. If they go…what’s that? Point at the pumpkin and say look at the pumpkin!”

That or jingle something shiny.