World’s Coolest Grandma Delivers Grandson In A Supermarket Parking Lot

grandma delivers grandson

When it comes to awesome birth stories, I think 22-year-old Leandra Greyeyes has us all beat. Last week she gave birth to her son in a supermarket parking lot, and her mother, of all people, was there to aid in the delivery.

Leandra, of Flagstaff, Arizona, realized she was in labor at home, and she and her mom Priscilla Greyeyes, left for the hospital, but realized part way there that they were too late. According to Priscilla:

“We pulled into the Safeway and my mom was like ”wait the ambulance is coming, you just have to wait a little bit,”’ Leandra recalled . ‘And I was like ”mom, I can’t wait anymore. He’s coming. He’s coming now!”

The baby, named Logan, was born in a Safeway grocery store, en route to the emergency room. In a 911 call, Priscilla is heart calmly explaining the situation to the dispatcher, and she’s much less freaked out than I would be:

“I think the baby is coming out and we’re trying to make it to the hospital.”

The dispatcher, Katlyn Mitchell, walked Priscilla through the birth on the phone. On the 911 tape you can hear the heated exchange and partway through the baby’s cries. I think my uterus literally skipped a beat, if that’s possible (which it isn’t). Leandra was understandably in shock:

“I can’t believe I just, like, had him in the truck. Now he’ll have a story to tell when he grows up.”

All I can say is that this is so awesome. I definitely would have panicked. So kudos to you, Priscilla, you win mom of the week.

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