‘Our Birth Story’ Cartoons Show the Reality vs Expectations of Having a Baby

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I had a birth plan with my second daughter. With my first, I was just confused by a lot of stuff, and sort of flew by the seat of my pants. But I planned better with the next one, and had it all laid out! While it went pretty much how I wanted it to go, my birth plan and actual birth story didn’t exactly match. It’s hard to plan for an event that is, by nature, unpredictable. Even if you have the best intentions and everything written down in great detail, things so wrong. Stuff happens! The blog “How We Came to Be” used a brutally honest comic to show just how much a birth story can differ from a plan. The story in the comic is a common one. But it might help others to know that they’re not alone.

A birth plan and a birth story will, a lot of times, be totally different.

The blogger shared her birth story in a unique and sweet way. The birth of her son didn’t go according to plan.

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Water births and rainbows and good hair, who doesn’t want that?



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