Golfer Whines About Nanny-Free Flight- Is Righteously Bitch-Slapped By Twitter

Golfer Ian Poulter has taken to Twitter to let everyone know of the minor aggravation grand injustice that has been done to him and his family on British Airways recently. He bought six business class tickets for his wife, their nanny and their four children and for some reason, the nanny was downgraded before the flight took off leaving his wife alone with the kids. I agree this is kind of a crappy blow and bad customer service but such is life in the world of air travel. Instead of privately contacting British Airways (who did offer compensation for the downgrade) to air his grievance he decided to whine about the indignity of traveling without a nanny on social media instead:

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I am breaking out my tiny violin for you, Ian Poulter. I cannot imagine the HORROR of your wife being forced to care for her own four children for 10 whole hours without HELP! I guess his attitude should not be a surprise as according to our friends at The Daily Mail, Poulter’s Twitter profile picture is of his Orlando mansion with his extensive collection of sports cars artfully arranged in front of it. Clearly, this is a guy with his priorities straight and his finger on the pulse of the common man.

Now, I will admit, I can understand his frustration at the downgrade no matter who it was for- it is undeniably irritating when airlines do as they please and have bad customer service but I think the way he decided to state his annoyance publicly, obviously thinking it would garner sympathy, is decidedly off-putting to those of us not among the 1%. As it happens, the Twitterverse completely agrees with me:

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This one is my personal favorite:

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Poulter defended himself, of course. At this point, he can’t very well back-peddle:

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He had this to say to those questioning his wife’s mothering skills:

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It just shows how completely out-of-touch Poulter is that he posted this complaint obviously thinking that other people would side with him and feel his “pain”. I’m sure it is difficult to fly alone with four children without another adult (and particularly when you are very used to having someone else around to do the dirty work) but with everything in the news lately and all the horrible things happening in the world, this pompous ass really thought he was justified in complaining about this minor irritation to his 1.7 million followers? This was poor social media judgement and in incredibly bad taste but it also shows what an insufferable human being he probably is. I find it sad when money does that to people. Try living like the rest of us, buddy. Then, tell me how awful it is that your wife had to babysit her kids for 10 hours before retiring to her palatial estate and letting the nanny take over.

(Image: Surkov Vladimir/Shutterstock)

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