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Airplane Travel Sucks Unless You Happen To Be Flying With The Cast Of The Lion King

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Cast Of The Lion King Performs On Flight Flying is now like traveling by giant stinky bus in the sky and in no way like it used to be back in the day when I first started flying places. Flying used to be exciting and clean and glamorous and an event! Now it is all expensive and cramped and sad and gross. Unless of course, you happened to be on the flight from Brisbane To Sydney with the Australian broadway cast of The Lion King.

Who just happened to bust out a little impromptu rendition of The Circle Of Life, a cappella style.

[youtube_iframe id=”wgSLxl1oAwA”]

I love that tiny little kid who slowly creeps forward all astounded by the music. I can’t imagine how joyous this must have been for the passengers because here you are, getting ready to take off in a big plane, and suddenly your hear all of your fellow passengers singing something glorious. It probably made the fact you usually have no legroom and have to pay a whole mess of money for a glass of wine bearable.

I cried when I first saw The Lion King and I probably would have burst into tears while seeing this performance. Can you imagine getting off your flight and being able to tell your friends how it was when someone asked the question “So, how was your flight?” You would be all “Oh, it was okay, I was worried they would lose my luggage but then this happened with the cast of The Lion King..”

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