This Mom Flew Across the Country Because Her Daughter Didn’t Feel Well

Moooooooooooom! Ugh, they’re the best. No matter how old you are, or how far away you live from her, your mom has your back. Sometimes that means an hours long phone conversation about how you’re doing your best. Other times, it can mean getting a care package in the mail after you’ve had a particularly rough week. For one woman in New York, it meant her mom showing up on her doorstep after she complained of a headache. Yes, that’s right. Her mom flew across the country to be there for her, because she wasn’t feeling well. Moms: there’s no one else like them in the world.

Grace Li is a 22-year-old high school biology teacher in New York City. Her mom, Shixia Huang, is a cancer researcher in Texas.

Last Friday, Grace and her mom were chatting on the phone when Grace mentioned she had this headache that was bothering her, and that she was feeling a bit homesick. So mom flew across the country to be with her, unbeknownst to Grace.

Shixia Huang went into mom overdrive when she heard her baby needed her. She left work early, bought a plane ticket, and landed in New York and on her daughter’s doorstep THAT NIGHT. I mean, isn’t that just the most mom thing EVER? You’re never too old to need your mama!

People on Twitter had so many emotions for this act of motherly love.

In the replies to her original tweet, Grace shared a bit about what her mom did on the rescue trip. My eyes are leaking.

Huang flew from Texas to New York to surprise her daughter, whisked her off to the doctor to make sure she was OK, and then made her enough food to last her a few days after she went back home. My heart is so full! Moms really are the best, and these are serious Mom Goals.

(Image: Twitter / @gracedli)

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