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27 Perfect, Sweet, And Feminine-Sounding Baby Names

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We wouldn’t be shocked when a parent hears the name Celine, they think of a singer with a powerful voice or an expensive handbag. Oh wait, there is a singer out there named Celine Dion who most likely owns more than one pricey Celine accessory, but this classy name can describe your dainty demure daughter as well. The French, Latin and American meaning of this awe-inspiring name means “heaven”. Pretty self-explanatory when the sky’s the limit for your little darling.


Rumor has it one reason this Medieval name continues to be in the limelight is due to the women it’s been attached to in the past. From princesses to poets to leading actresses the name has always been a hot trend in homes and Hollywood. 1950’s Actress Ava Gardner has been remembered as a legend on and off the screen. If you see the glitz, glam, and determination in your starlet, Ava probably is the name to keep her in the spotlight no matter what profession she chooses.


The Most Popular baby name is Posie! According to Nameberry, the floral first name has never ranked among the U.S. top 1000 and it is sitting pretty in the number one spot on the site’s top names for 2019. Posie can also be spelled as Posy or Posey. It’s definitely one name to consider for a lovely bohemian baby.

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