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Millennial Parents Are Picking Baby Names Based On Something Our Parents Never Considered

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There are so many places we can gather baby name inspiration from and many millennial parents have several places they try and find their baby’s perfect name. We’ve seen people pull names from popular TV shows, shows that were big when we were small. We have had parents find strange names from social media (remember Hashtag?). And millennial parents are going outside the traditional names we see, celebrities maybe started that trend. It’s a big decision, to have a name for your babe, with a lot of factors. And this one thing millennial parents are using to find their baby’s perfect name is… well… interesting.

Millennial parents are making sure domain names for their kid’s potential name are free for purchase. If they’re not, they move on to another name.

What I imagine happening is the parent or parents-to-be get together with their list of potential names. Each have their short list on a small piece of paper for any genders that they feel go decent with whatever the last name of the baby is going to be. Going down the list, they cross off any that are vetoed to be bad. Then they pull out their laptop and get to the important part of their investigation.

They check GoDaddy for the .com of the name. Try adding in the middle names. Go to Twitter to see if the @ handle is available. If they are taken, the parents-to-be move on to the next name on their list.

Until millennial parents find the baby name that meets this criteria.

All this is according to a research survey that was conducted by a company called OnePoll, they did this on behalf of Turns out 20% of the millennial parents polled said they changed, or seriously considered changing, their baby name based on that search for domain names.

Romper writes, “Polling 1,000 Millennial parents (defined by the study as ages between 24 to 38) as well as 1,000 Gen X parents (listed as ages between 39 to 53), the research showed that Millennial parents are already thinking about a child’s place in the digital universe when he or she is in the womb.”

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According to The Independent, Melissa Schneider, a trends expert at GoDaddy explains, “It’s no longer enough to make sure that your baby is enrolled at the top elementary school at birth.” Schneider continues, “Parents today are claiming their child’s name and online identity to make sure that they’re set up for success down the line.”

And this trend seems to be important only to the millennials, not the Gen X crowd. 48% of the millennials believe, according to the study, that it’s important for their child to have an early online presence. Only 27% of the Gen X crew felt the same way.

TBH, I’m not surprised. And I’m not going to lie and say that I wouldn’t do this… because I totally did with all my kids.

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