Mom Totally Embarrasses Son With Epic Jumbotron Performance

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One of the best parts of being a parent is embarrassing your kids. And if you can do it in a really public place? Even better. Sometimes you need to remind them who’s the boss. And other times it’s genuinely just entertaining. Come on, you can hear that little whiny “Mom!” coming out of their mouths. Then you try to stifle back a giggle while you pretend to be a grownup. One Maryland mom has become the hero of moms everywhere. While at a basketball game with her son, she wows the crowd with a rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone.” It is easily the most epic Jumbotron performance of the year.

So, who is our new hero? Her name is Mandy Remmell and she’s awesome. While attending a Maryland Terrapins game with her 10-year-old son, the “Fan Cam” picked her. Since she clearly knows how to have fun, she gave an amazing Jumbotron performance and her son is mortified. First of all, that is the only acceptable way to sing “Since You’ve Been Gone.” Belting the song is what makes it fun. And having a captive audience is even better. Embarrassing your kid is clearly just the icing on the cake honestly.

Because he would obviously love to be anywhere but with his mom, Blake sinks lower and lower into his seat. But what he doesn’t know is that moms feed off embarrassing their kids. And the more you act like you’re dying, the more we will turn it on.

“Embarrassing your kids and doing it in a fun way is a great opportunity,” Remmell says, talking to the Washington Post. “If you can get laughs and make memories, that’s really what counts.”

And there is no doubt of making memories. After posting the Jumbotron performance on the Maryland Basketball Twitter, Remmell’s performance is going viral. How could it not? She is obviously having a blast, and Blake is obviously not.

However, she was saying that after the initial embarrassment, he is really excited. “He’s also very excited, and he’s wondering now how viral it’s gone. He’s like, ‘How many likes do we have?’”

Of course he is. Because what kid wouldn’t want to go viral? Going viral is the only thing that will make having an embarrassing mom worth it. And Remmell really gets into it — she is laying on top of Blake singing at one point. All while he is trying to disappear into his hoodie. No amount of hiding can save him from his mom’s stellar Jumbotron performance.

It may be embarrassing now, but there’s no doubt will be laughing about it in the near future. And he will have an amazing story to tell his own kids one day. Because who doesn’t want to have such a cool mom willing to go the extra mile to make a memory like that? We’re totally applauding Mandy Remmell and will be forever.