First Maxwell, Now Wyatt: Celebs Are All About Boys’ Names For Their Baby Girls

rachel uchitell wyatt lillyReality TV star Rachel Uchitel most famous for being Tiger Woods‘ ex-mistress has welcomed a baby girl with husband Matt Hahn. And they’ve taken a cue from Jessica Simpson by naming their daughter Wyatt. That’s right: Wyatt. For a girl!

Simpson, you’ll recall, named her little bundle Maxwell Drew earlier this month a choice that weirded out many people. (I’m not sure why I personally think it’s adorable.) But unlike Simpson, Uchitel went for a highly feminine middle name: Lilly. (Loving the contrast.)

Of course, choosing boys’ names for girls is nothing new. I can still remember being a kid, and a friend of my mom’s naming her daughter Jordan (Jordi for short). It was so outrageous at the time but of course there are now countless Jordans running wild in your local playground (many of them spelled Jordyn). Ditto Jamie (or Jaime), Dylan, Bailey… the list goes on.

But Simpson and now Uchitel are taking the trend one step further, opting for boys’ names that we have yet to see on a girl (until now, that is). It just makes me wonder if we’ll be seeing multiple female Wyatts on the class list in a decade from now, or if this is truly a one-off. But something tells me the trend has begun. I felt that way with Maxwell but now Wyatt is sealing the deal I really feel this whole new wave of boys’ names for girls’ is a thing. And I, for one, can’t wait to see what’s next.


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