8 Stroller Habits That Will Make Everyone Around Hate You

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man yelling at strollerStrollers are a necessary evil, especially if you have more than one rug-rat to haul around. While strollers are excellent child containment units, they are large, heavy and annoying to everyone else besides the person pushing them. We all have those spacey moments when someone has to say “excuse me” to jog you out of your sleep deprivation induced fog and get you to move. It happens to the best of us. But some parents go beyond having a momentary lapse of judgment here or there. These repeat offenders think of the stroller as a person, with feelings to insult and rights to defend. Don’t be this person. Avoid these stroller habits so the people around don’t hate you.

1. Not closing your stroller in a crowded restaurant

Sorry to burst your bubble, but your baby isn’t too good for a highchair. If this place doesn’t have them, maybe it’s not the right venue for a meal with a baby. Not only are you making it difficult for servers to navigate around you, your stroller may actually be a fire hazard. Don’t get all bent out of shape if a tray full of cola mares your custom cream colored fabric, seat snob.

2. Hitting people in the back of the ankles

Unless the injured party insulted you or your offspring, this is painfully bad manners.

3. Blocking the view at the zoo for other kids

There’s no such thing as VIP seating at the monkey exhibit. If you’re at a crowded public place like the zoo or aquarium, either take your kid out of the stroller and hold them like the rest of us common folk or pull your stroller back so smaller kids can step up to the glass. Repeat after me- it’s a stroller, not a chariot.

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