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I’m Tired Of Sanctimommies Calling Me ‘Crazy’ For My Cat Stroller

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2013-11-25-1First of all, I’d like to say that the amount of abuse I face when out around town with a cat in a stroller has been surprisingly minimal. I get the odd drive-by shouting when people see me pushing a stroller while smoking a cigarette, but I just throw my head back and start cackling, because the joke is on them, there’s a cat in there. Likewise, the horrified looks on people’s faces when I’m not looking where I’m going and ram the stroller into a stationary object, go, “Oops! Sorry baby!” and carry on. Most people who stop and talk to me tell me how beautiful my baby is (yay) and talk to her, and we talk about how brilliant or cool it is that a cat stroller even exists and what a great idea it is, or how they’re gonna get one now. I secretly plan to have a Sunday morning park group of cat stroller ladies some day.

I know what you’re thinking. Crazy cat lady. And you’re right. I’m definitely crazy (more on that in a different article) and I’m a god-tier cat lady. There’s no denying that after you reach the stage in your life where you NEED to spend over 100 dollars on a big pink cat stroller.

The one pictured above sitting and meowing happily in her pink pram is Freyja. She’s about seven months old now and we rescued her when she was found by the side of the road. Since we adopted her at six weeks, she seems to think I am actually her big and for some reason furless cat mommy. She was also, believe it or not, my first cat, and she is spoiled rotten. She has a stroller, I mean, come on.

Now, enter Lucipurr. Lucipurr was going to be named Lulubelle, for the record, but my husband hated that name and started coming up with all Star Trek names, then listing deities, and I, forgetting how much my husband absolutely LOVES terrible puns, said, “Well, if you’re going to name her after a deity, it has to be Lucipurr.” And from that moment on, Luci’s name was set in stone.

Before I spend this entire article talking about how awesome my cats are, let me get back on track. Sometimes, the girls protest going into the stroller, but don’t let them fool you. Like I tell my husband, if you think getting a child into a stroller is going to be any easier, you’re dead wrong. I should mention that Freyja LOVES the stroller. She actually asks to go walkies. She loves going to the park, and she definitely knows when we’re getting close. She has a big kitty crush on the cat guy who works at the nearby shop and loves talking to him and just going over to visit him when I’m grabbing more milk, or cigarettes, or whatever. Mama’s good girl.

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