10 Things Not To Say To An Atheist Mom

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As I’ve talked about before before, I’m an Atheist mom. Being both an Atheist and a mother has its own set of weird issues and problems. There are a lot of assumptions made about Atheists. Some folks think we lack a moral compass (we don’t), hate god (can’t hate something you don’t believe in) or eat babies (YUM), but honestly, we’re just like everyone else. So please, for the love of R’amen, don’t say these things to us!

10. “What if you’re wrong?” 

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That isn’t something you need to worry about. I’m not trying to force my lack of beliefs on you, and if I’m wrong, so be it. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. But I live a good life, and I would hope that a just and loving deity would be okay with that.

9. “What stops you from stealing/lying/punching babies in the throat?”

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I think I get my morality the same place everyone else gets theirs, whether they know it or not. My conscious. Why don’t I steal? It’s wrong to take something I didn’t earn. Why don’t I lie? It’s wrong to tell untruths. Why don’t I punch babies in the throat? How would I eat them, then? Common sense, y’all!

8. “It must be sad to have such an empty life!”

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Nope, my life is just fine. Have I had my fair share of trials and tribulations? Of course, but everyone does. There isn’t a god-shaped hole in my heart any more than there’s a Flying Spaghetti Monster-shaped hole in yours.

7. “Why do you hate god?”

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You can’t hate something you don’t think exists. I don’t hate your god anymore than you hate the thousands of gods folks have believed in since the dawn of time. Everyone is an Atheist, I just believe in one less god than you do.

6. “You have to have faith!”

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No, I don’t. It’s great that you do, and I would fight for your right to believe, but I don’t have to have faith in anything.

5. “It’s all right there in the bible.”

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That argument hold as much water with an Atheist as saying “It’s all right there in harry Potter” does to you. Not because we hate your bible, but because we don’t follow it and don’t believe in it. Simple as that.

4. “Atheism is a religion, too.”

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There might be a cult of personality surrounding certain controversial Atheist figured (think Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens) but no, Atheist is NOT a religion. It’s the simple lack of a beliefs in deities. And blaming Atheism in general for the epic douchebaggery of certain zealots is like blaming Christianity for the Westboro Baptists.

3. “You must be an angry person.”

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…thankfully I’m not an angry person though.

2. “I feel sorry for your children.”

Why? I don’t. They are compassionate, loving, wonderful kids who just happen to not believe in your god or any other god. This does not constitute a CPS case.

1. “You’re a bad mom for not giving your kids religion.” Atheist mom ≠ bad mom.

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This is one of the only things that truly pisses me off. How dare you tell me I’m a bad mom because I’m an Atheist mom. My kids are loved and happy, and I refuse to let someone else’s expectation of what their “moral” upbringing should be dictate my worth as a mom.

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