Nick Lachey’s Photo of His Son With Buddha Statue Brought the Haters

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Magazine cover titles often read, “Celebrities, they’re just like us!” But apparently, some people think celebrities should be literally just like them and will call them out if they do anything they don’t deem appropriate. Eye roll. This happened to Nick Lachey when he dared to post a picture of his young son meditating in front of a Buddha statue. Ugh, don’t you just hate it when a celebrity doesn’t believe in everything you do?

A few days ago, Lachey posted a picture on Instagram of his son, Camden, in front of a Buddha statue. The four-year-old sat cross-legged, with his hands folded in his lap.

Nick Lachey captioned the image with “A little morning meditation before summer camp. #ilovethiskid”

Doesn’t that just make you want to leave nasty comments and flounce off in a rage? That was the reaction of several commenters on Lachey’s post.

Nick Lachey has a lot of nerve

Is this what Jesus would do if He were on Instagram? I don’t think so.

Lachey seems unbothered by the hullaballoo and hasn’t responded to any of the comments. Maybe because he’s strong in his beliefs and respectful of what others believe? IDK, just spitballing.

Nick did have plenty of commenters who supported him. “Wow! How did u manage that! Wish my kids were that good!” wrote one. “So awesome, keep up the good parenting!!” wrote another. One commenter pointed out that meditation is a great way for anyone to clear their thoughts. “Do people not know what meditation is? It’s your time to get in tune with yourself spiritually and mentally and time to cleanse yourself of negative crap. For some, it’s time spent to talk to their God in prayer, their spirits, their guides. For some, it’s time to be spent in complete silence and peace and the still of time. I think it’s amazing that Camden can do this at such a young age. Good on him!”

Also, this is, you know, not our business, but if Nick and Vanessa are Buddhists, what good does it do to condemning their choice? It’s not like they’re going to see these comments and think, “Oh man, 2yaya777 is right, I have seen the light!”

Honestly, internet. You need to chill.

(Image: Instagram / @NickLachey)