Preschool Teacher Accused Of Slipping Sleeping Pills Into Sippy Cups And I’m Pretty Sure I Know What Her Motive Was

shutterstock_76643371A Morgan Hill, California preschool teacher has been arrested for child endangerment for allegedly slipping sleeping pills into the sippy cups of 10 children under her care. They were all under the age of two. This is horrific and this woman needs to be kept far, far away from children. Police are “unsure” what her motive was. I’m pretty sure it was “caring for 10 children under the age of two.”

The preschool told ABC News Debbie Gratz was fired for “failure to follow Kiddie Academy standards and processes.” Is that code for “drugging toddlers?” Although I think it would take superhuman resolve and patience to deal with 10 children under the age of two – this woman signed up to get paid for it. If she doesn’t have those qualities she has no business caring for kids.

Another teacher saw Gratz slipping a substance into the toddlers’ cups. She reported her to the school. The school didn’t alert authorities immediately. The incident happened on a Friday and the school didn’t alert authorities until Monday – after they had already rinsed the cups – destroying any evidence against this woman. What the hell?

Allegedly, the children didn’t actually drink the substance in the cups. After confronted, Gratz admitted to breaking up Sominex, an over-the-counter sleep aid, and putting it into the children’s water. But nobody really knows if this is true because, again, the evidence was destroyed. Not sure I trust the word of a woman who would drug children to make her job a little easier. Who knows what she was putting into those cups?

Another disturbing part of the story is that the parents weren’t even informed as to why the teacher was fired:

Bianca Flores, whose 2-year-old was under Gratz’s care until several weeks ago, told ABC News station KGO the academy did not tell her the reasoning behind the teacher’s firing. Instead, she found out from her sister, who saw it on the news.

”Sickening, sick to my stomach, I want to throw up,” Flores told KGO. ”I’m not angry, I’m just sad. Disturbing. I don’t know what to think.”

I know what I would think. Something along the lines of, “I don’t trust this preschool to care for my child anymore.” I think telling parents that their toddler’s teacher was arrested for child endangerment after attempting to drug him or her is pretty important information. It’s stories like this that make me an even more paranoid parent than I already am.

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