Two Different Women Gave Birth in the Same Random Burger King Parking Lot

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When a woman accidentally gives birth in a Burger King parking lot, it’s a wild news story. When two completely unrelated women accidentally give birth in the same Burger King parking lot, people start to wonder WTF is in those Whoppers.

That happened recently in the small town of Denville, New Jersey, and the town’s firefighters and Burger King employees will never stop talking about it.

According to CBS News, the first accidental Burger King baby was born around 7:30 p.m. on September 8. A woman in labor had been driving to the hospital to deliver a baby, when she suddenly realized she wasn’t going to make it to the hospital before the baby came out. She pulled over into the nearest parking lot–the local Burger King–and dialed 911. The baby came fast, and firefighters were surprised to catch a baby in the Burger King parking lot.

“Contractions came full force, and the next thing you know, the water’s breaking and baby’s on its way,” said volunteer firefighter Rich Yobs. “Within a few minutes, the baby was out. Like, it came fast. We got her into the ambulance and handed the baby to her and let her hold him the whole way to the hospital, so she was happy about that.”

Denville, New Jersey, only has about 16,000 people, so Yobs says there’s not usually very many exciting things for a volunteer firefighter to do. This was definitely a “You guys will never guess what happened to me today!” kind of story he’d be pulling out over drinks for the rest of his life.

Burger King Baby 2, Electric Boogaloo

With that wild, unexpected call fresh in his mind, Yobs thought dispatchers were messing with him when they paged him the very next night and told him to get to the Burger King, because a woman was having a baby in the parking lot.

“We look at our pagers and go: ‘This is a joke. This can’t be — two nights in a row, the same exact thing,’” he said. “Sure enough, we get down there and it is. And I mean, that one came even quicker.”

The second baby was born in the parking lot, and it was coming out by the time the firefighters got there. Like the first Burger King baby, this one was a boy, too. It feels like they should basically be siblings now.

Both babies and mothers were taken to the hospital, and everybody is safe and healthy. Hopefully they’ll get some milkshakes out of all this.

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