Why We’re Not Freaking Out About The Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors (Yet)

Prince William and KateThe news is everywhere. A soon-to-be-former friend of Kate Middleton‘s told the press that the Duchess is officially carrying a royal baby in that tiny tummy of her’s. This horrible secret-keeper says that Prince William and his wife were planning on announcing the pregnancy in December. Given that the informant was also a guest at the couple’s wedding, plenty of news organizations are taking the story as fact and already celebrating the pregnancy. Here’s why Mommyish is holding off.

First of all, it’s really disgusting that this couple wouldn’t even be able to announce their exciting news in their own way, in their own time. You’ll notice, we won’t be using this “friend’s” name in our piece. All that woman wants is publicity and we don’t think she deserves it. If she were truly a friend, she would have respected William and Kate’s privacy. She would have wanted them to experience the joy of sharing their news in whatever way suited the two of them. She definitely wouldn’t have sold the story to highest bidder.

Second of all, there’s normally a reason why couples wait a while before announcing a pregnancy. The first few months are a little unsure. There’s still a decent possibility of losing a pregnancy. And that experience is difficult enough without having to explain your circumstances to the world through emotional press releases. Having suffered an ectopic pregnancy and an early miscarriage, I can completely understand why any couple would want to keep the information private through the first trimester. It’s a pretty common waiting period that lots of pregnant women observe.

There’s also one more reason that people probably shouldn’t get too worked up just yet. “Friends” and “inside sources” and “exclusive reports” are extremely sketchy. They have a horrible track record when it comes to giving accurate information. I don’t care if this person was invited to the royal wedding. Unless she was holding Kate Middleton’s hand as she waited for the pee stick to show a second line, I’m not going to place my bets on her intel.

Kate Middleton might be pregnant. Prince William might have a child on the way to pass his crown to someday. The truth is that no one knows anything until the couple decides to share the news themselves. But if they are pregnant, I’m so sad that they didn’t get the chance to share the news on their own. I feel awful that they had to deal with speculation and rumors and the world feeling like it knew their private information before they were ready to share it. Pregnancy is a magical time. And if Kate Middleton really is experiencing that right now, this “friend” just put a huge damper on that.

Call us old-fashioned, but we respect William and Kate enough to wait until they’re ready to share the news before we start getting all crazy.

(Photo: WENN)

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