‘Fit Mom Maria Kang’ Says She Cried Over Things People Said About Her, Is Still Delusional As Ever

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Bet you haven’t thought about “Fit Mom” Maria Kang in awhile, have you? Yeah, me either. I thought her fifteen minutes were up about a year ago, but that’s because I’m silly. Silly and cynical. Don’t worry, though, she’s back in the news to talk about her post-baby body and is just as delusional as she ever was. Huzzah!

Now, don’t get all hot and bothered. I don’t find Maria Kang insufferable because I’m jealous. Even though I’m lazy and enjoy processed foods and white sugar more than I care to admit, and my body has never and will never look like hers, I find her insufferable because…well, she’s insufferable. While I can totally get behind motivating people to take their health seriously and find their inner lust for life and whatnot, I just don’t think she conveyed that message appropriately. I feel like she shamed women who don’t look like her and those who don’t make similar lifestyle choices. Which is not the most effective way to promote health and happiness. But it IS an effective way to make headlines and get lots of polarizing attention! And she wants you to know she heard your battle cries. Because they made her cry.

“I’m just realizing whatever you say, it’s really a reflection of yourself and what you’re going through. My intentions are clear. My intention was, what’s your excuse for not making health a priority? So many people resonated with that message.”

She pontificated about how her message was that “health comes in various sizes” but it should still be a priority. And you know what? That’s exactly right. Except when she posted her infamous “What’s Your Excuse?” photo, what that said to me was “health only comes in MY size.” It didn’t resonate as the “empowering” message she supposedly wanted it to be.

Look, I don’t want to put down Maria’s truth. She says she knows “intimately” what poor health choices can do to a family, and I don’t doubt the sincerity behind her experience for one second. I’m just saying a lot of people have a lot of excuses, and making them feel even guiltier for it isn’t the way to ignite a positive change. Who of us doesn’t feel just the teeniest bit defensive when put on the spot? Amiright?

Anyway, Maria Kang has one final melodramatic message for everyone and then I assume she’ll probably just go away until she puts out a “Fit Grandma” bikini calendar 30 years from now or something:

She said she’ll tell her kids — Christian, 5, Nicholas, 4, and Gabriel, 2  — when they’re older that just like their father, a former Marine, “Mommy stood up for something she really believed in.”

Godspeed, Maria.

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