How To Make Your Planned C-Section A Positive Experience

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I ranted earlier today about how bad some c-section mothers feel about their experience and that hearing women brag about their amazing births can be pretty upsetting. Well, I am here to tell you that a c-section does not always have to be a bad thing. Both of my c-sections were planned so I have a lot of advice for anyone who may be facing one. Let me be clear- I am only discussing planned c-sections here because that is what I have experience with personally. I know an emergency c-section is an entirely different story and can be incredibly traumatic for obvious reasons. That said, here are some thoughts on how to make your planned c-section a positive experience.

1. Ask Questions


Finding out ahead of time that you will need a c-section can be upsetting if you were not expecting it. Ask your doctor and the nurses any questions you can possibly think of. I know for me, hearing exactly what to expect, down to the kinds of terminology I might hear them throwing around during the surgery, was helpful in easing my anxiety.

2. Get A Second Opinion

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If you are not entirely comfortable with your doctor’s assessment, feel free to seek a second opinion. Even if you still end up in a c-section you may feel better about it knowing there was a consensus between two professionals.

3. Do Some Reading


Head to a message board and seek out mothers who have been through it to hear about their experiences. You can also Google the process of a c-section to read about what to expect in the operating room or to learn about recovery time. Again, knowledge may help to calm your fears and make you feel empowered in a situation where many mothers say they feel powerless.

4. Talk To Moms Who Have Been There


I am not one to blather to a pregnant woman about my c-section births unprompted but when approached, I am more than happy to talk about how it goes down and to be a shoulder to lean on.

5. Ask About Music/Cameras Ahead Of Time


My doctor was not ok with music in the operating room but he did allow a camera. Some doctors might not mind music or maybe, you would rather not hear the “surgery sounds” and wearing headphones and listening to Pandora until the big moment of arrival sounds great to you. Find out in advance what is permitted so there are no surprises on delivery day.

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