Push Presents Are ‘Disgusting,’ Say Mommyish Readers

push presentI still stand by my claim that push presents a thank you gift from dad to mom for pushing a human life out of their body are awesome. But I’ve discovered I’m in the minority. Last week we asked you, our readers, to share your personal thoughts on the matter after learning that Jessica Simpson‘s fiance, Eric Johnson, plans to surprise her with $30,000 worth of jewelry once she births their child (any day now).

A whopping 65% of Mommyish readers said “nay” to push presents, claiming that a healthy baby is gift enough. The remaining 35% said bring ’em on!

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Many readers expressed outrage over “entitled” moms who think they should automatically be gifted with jewels for bringing new life into the world. “I think what is disgusting is the notion that you ‘deserve’ something,” writes Avodah.

Others see no problem with it so long as the gift has meaning beyond its expensive price tag. One reader named Lyn, for example, explained how her friend was surprised and delighted to receive a charm for her charm bracelet for each of her three kids. “That’s the kind of push present I can get behind a small keepsake or token of a big event,” she writes. Others commenters were all about practicality, saying that money could be better spent on things like a down payment on a house, college fund or even a family vacation.

Interestingly, at least one reader pointed out that the whole notion of push presents brings us right back to the Mad Men era. “It just seems so 1950s, like the husband is still keeping the wifey on an allowance. ‘Here honey, you did great, here’s a shiny prezzy,” writes Teresa. “My husband’s money is my money too, and when I had my baby we spent it on important stuff for the baby, not shiny baubles. Another reader echoes her sentiments, claiming it “reduces women to a level of greedy, grasping children.”

My favorite story comes from a reader who goes by CW. She shared how her husband and mother-in-law surprised her with a push present after her eldest was born. “My wedding ring no longer fit, so I was planning on just replacing it with a basic band. DH and MIL went in together to get a beautiful anniversary-band type ring instead. I was so surprised and touched that they did that.”

It’s such a nice story. And it just helps prove my original belief that there’s no harm in a little postpartum bling!

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