I’m Pretty Sure My Kid’s Teacher Hates Me

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parents dealing with teachers I think one of my daughter’s teachers really, really doesn’t like me. I know! Shocking, right, that someone doesn’t like me? I’m at an age, I think, where I don’t care whether adults hate me. Except, when you have this gut feeling that a teacher hates you, then you do actually care, because what if said teacher takes it out on your daughter, instead of just hating on you?

I’d love to think that teachers like every student, but if teachers are humans, and the ones I have met, indeed, are humans, then doesn’t it make sense that sometimes a teacher doesn’t like a parent, and may possibly “consciously uncouple” from your child and treat her like an ex she has to see every day? If it can take place in an office then why not a school?

Let me be frank. Grade five was not an easy year for my daughter. She has a main teacher who I really liked. I had to explain to my daughter, in the beginning, that yes, her teacher was tough, but she also had a really dry sense of humor. (Try explaining “dry sense of humor” to a ten-year-old.)

There were so many social problems in Grade Five that I am literally counting down the days until school ends. So, did my daughter’s teacher get a lot of e-mails from me this year? Yes, she did. All very short, polite, just explaining the situation.

Trust me, I had a couple friend who screamed bloody murder at the principle last year, because they were only aware, after the teacher called him and his wife, that his daughter was having social problems. That was two weeks before school ended, which is why my couple friend was so irate.

So, yes, I sent a number of e-mails. But then my daughter was on the swim team at school, and that’s when things went south, at least for my daughter’s teacher and me, because her daughter’s teacher also happened to be the swim coach.

I was the only parent in the bleachers during practices, until I was told I wasn’t allowed. Weird, because I really was the one and only person who actually wanted to watch the practices and there hadn’t been an issue before. My argument to the teacher was, “Well, there are girls playing basketball and baseball and those parents are allowed to watch.”

I finally got the go-ahead, after talking to the Head of Gym, or something, that I was allowed to watch the final ten minutes of practice. Trust me, no one noticed I was there. Not even my daughter. The swim coach/teacher might have. But I just wanted to support my daughter.

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