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Facebook Removed This Family’s Photo, But Their Only Crime Was Being Annoying

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Yet another photo has been banned by Facebook and I’m beginning to wonder if the people who have these jobs are actually blind. We’ve seen this happen to photos of moms breastfeeding time and time again. It seems Facebook isn’t only offended by women feeding their children, they are also offended by family photos that hint at nudity — even if they don’t actually show any. Here it is the photo in question:


Is there nudity here? I guess we can assume they are naked, but you can’t see anything. It seems utterly ridiculous to ban this photo.

Model Rhys Uhlich posted this message to his Facebook page in protest of what he thinks are unfair standards of censorship. The concept of getting my whole family muddied up to take a group bath photo is one that makes me cringe. It’s STFU Parents-worthy for sure. But indecent? Get a grip, Facebook.

Every time another one of these “indecent” photos is banned, I like to take a look around Facebook to see what its censors still think is A-OK. Here are a few gems I found:



I have no problem with pictures of boobs and asses, I’ll just make that clear right now. But if you are going to have these weird standards that censor family photos, maybe don’t have whole pages devoted to semi-nude body parts, either. Or allow photos like this:

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 8.48.57 AM

Facebook was totally cool with Kim K. showing her waxed vulva on its pages last week — that was no big whoop. We’ve made this point time and time again: clearly, only sexualized images of nudity are actually okay with Facebook. Any other hints at nudity that aren’t for the male gaze are not.

That is ridiculous.