Mommys On Social Media: The New ‘Mom Market’ For Retailers

If you’re a mother with little ones still living under your roof and you plan to share this link on Facebook, retailers are toiling over ways to get you to buy their products. A recent study by BIGresearch reveals that mothers with kids still living in the home are more likely to use social media, and are therefore sharing their opinions on products and services all over the interwebs.

She-conomy cited the study, revealing that mothers are more likely to use Facebook (60.3%),  MySpace (42.4%) and Twitter (16.5%) than average adults (50.2%, 34.4%, 15.0%, respectively). In addition to these numbers, 15.3 percent of mothers have a personal blog.

This isn’t exactly shocking to me given that every mother I know is an active Facebook user. All the better to post photos of their growing children, arrange events, and generally see what the other moms are up to and seek advice. But many retailers did not see this coming, as those who do not have a presence in social media have apparently “missed the boat” according to Mike Gatti, Executive Director for the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association (RAMA), a division of the National Retail Federation.

As a young lady with a semi-active social media life, I’m at a bit of a loss as to how suits really couldn’t have peeked a little down the road and predicted this. After all, women make 85% of all financial household decisions anyway and women were evidenced to be the more active users of social media way back in 2008. Perhaps it’s because only 3% of advertising agency creative directors are women ( I love She-conomy stats!). Just sayin’.

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