Woman Gives Birth In Barnes & Noble And I’m Always A Little Envious Of These Stories

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shutterstock_97743626__1382284420_142.196.156.251Is it crazy that I’m secretly a little envious of these women who just unexpectedly go into labor and pop out children in the weirdest places? It happened again – this time at a Barnes & Noble in California.

Firefighters responded to a call of a woman in labor at the popular bookstore. When they arrived they were trying figure out whether to try to transport her or keep her in the store, when the baby figured it out for them. They delivered a healthy baby boy. “Occasionally, nature writes the script not us,” said Torrance Fire Department Captain Steve Deuel. Nature never wrote my script. I basically had to evict my children from my womb.

I’d like to start with the disclaimer that I understand this may be very scary for a pregnant woman and obviously not ideal. But the idea of walking into a Barnes & Noble for a book and walking out with a baby sounds so appealing to someone who went two weeks over in both her pregnancies and ended up with c-sections in both as well.

My last pregnancy I spent two weeks doing everything known to man to get the baby out; homeopathic teas, pressure points, chiropractic appointments, long walks, sex, inversion poses – nothing worked. There was so much worrying involved; praying that I wouldn’t end up back in an operating room, trying to feel contractions that weren’t there and willing the universe to make the baby come out of my body. As someone whose body won’t go into labor on its own for some reason, a surprise birth seems awesome. Really awesome.

I wonder how these women feel about their births in retrospect? I wonder if they would have preferred to be anxiously waiting for contractions to start at a hospital? I wouldn’t mind being the woman at the party with the funny birth story. Well, maybe not the party – but the playgroup, anyway.

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