Tea Party Group Mocks Michael Brown’s Mom’s Grief Because They Are Horrible Trolls

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Today, a friend who I have since unfollowed, liked this post from on Facebook.


The headline, which reads, “This VIDEO of Michael Brown’s mom last night does not sound peaceful to us,” was so immediately offensive I almost couldn’t believe it. I’ve seen so much racist, garbage commentary about Ferguson over the past few months, but this one really burrowed inside my guts. How dare these people poke fun at a mother’s suffering over her murdered child? How dare they use the Brown family’s call for peaceful protests against them in such a degrading and insulting way? Have they never grieved the loss of a loved one? Can they not empathize with her agony and sorrow?

In the video Brown’s mom, Leslie McSpadden, is cursing and yelling, and rightfully so – her son was murdered and the man responsible for his killing is not going to trial. Look, I cannot examine Ferguson through unbised eyes – I believe Darren Wilson should stand trial and am devastated that he will not. But even if you feel otherwise, surely all humans can show empathy toward a mother who has lost her son?

Apparently not.

And a group the identifies as the Tea Party, a group that aspires to represent Americans in our political system, a group with with 2.8 million Facebook followers, chose to mock a mother’s grief and then justify it with an endless barrage of racist comments.

I want to believe our country is better than this, but sometimes I just don’t know if that’s true. I know people tire of reading angry, depressing posts on the internet, and I get why that is. But we have to look at the ugly to fight against it. And right now, that ugly is living in the comments section of a post on a Tea Party Facebook page, blaming Michael Brown’s mom for her son’s death.

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