Adele Maybe, Kinda, Sorta Accidentally Revealed Her Baby Name

adele baby nameIt’s the moment that the celebrity media has been waiting for. Adele went as far as failing to register her child with the British government, a move that can incur thousands of dollars in fines, to keep her baby name a secret. So of course, it’s all that anyone can talk about. We’re obsessed with finding out her “Little Peanut’s” real name.

Then she slipped up and wore a personalized necklace with what might be her baby boy’s name on it. Now, the world knows this very intimate detail that Adele and her partner Simon Konecki wanted to keep for themselves.

At least, we think we do.

Angelo. Adele went out shopping and wore a customized necklace that says, “Angelo.” And since her partner’s name is Simon, it’s a pretty safe bet that the only other person the songstress would wear jewelry for is her new son.

Some have said that the name was bound to come out, given that Adele is hitting this year’s awards circuit and getting back out in the public eye. She just recently won a Golden Globe for her Bond theme, Skyfall. She’s also set to perform the song at the Oscars.

Adele confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that she’s currently working on a follow-up to her award-winning, globally-adored album 21. She’s also set to start touring again here in the United States. It sounds like she and little Angelo will be pretty busy over the next few months.

Obviously, there’s no word yet on what the name means or how the first-time parents chose it. Adele hasn’t even really confirmed the name to the press, though wearing the necklace in public seems like quite a public statement. Now, we’ll all just have to start clamoring to see a picture of this lucky little guy.

(Photo: WENN)

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