All Of Adele’s Baby Name Secrecy Might Have Cost Her £1000 In Government Fines

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AdeleWe’ve had almost zero news about everyone’s favorite new mom, Adele, and her bouncing baby boy. The musician and her partner Simon Konecki haven’t shared their bundle of joy’s name, his presumable adorableness, or told anyone if he’s sleeping through the night yet. Now, all that privacy could cost them up to £1000 in government fines. I have a feeling that it’s worth it.

In the UK, where Adele gave birth to her little one, every baby must be registered with the government within 42 days of his or her birth. If the necessary paperwork isn’t filed, the parents can face a fine of up to £1000.

For Adele and Simon, I’m guessing this is a small price to pay for keeping their child’s name and birth details a secret. It’s obvious that they’re attempting to shield the little one from Mama’s global spotlight, and I don’t think there is a person on the planet who blames the new parents.

The only real details we’ve learned about Adele and her new wee one are from other stars, who seem to be happy to share what they gifted the lucky little tyke. We know that Rihanna sent onesies and Daniel Craig is turning the baby into a mini James Bond. We know that Elton John is giving out his sage parenting advice via Skype.

As far as Adele and her baby, we know almost nothing. And I think that’s exactly what the talented lady wants. I have a feeling it will take a lot more than fine (that probably costs less than her Louboutin manicure) to get this songstress to spill any baby secrets.

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