#WomenBoycottTwitter Is Asking Women to Boycott Twitter for a Day in Protest

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Following the suspension (and subsequent reinstatement) of Rose McGowan‘s Twitter account this week, women who use the social media platform are fighting back. The women boycott twitter hashtag was started Thursday afternoon, and quickly moved up the list of trending topics. Hundreds and hundreds of men and women are calling on users to stay off the popular social media platform on Friday, October 13. They’re hoping that by going dark, it will send a message to Twitter: women will no longer be silenced.

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Twitter has come under fire recently for how it polices the content and users of the site. Death threats, rape threats, violence, and misogyny are just some of the things many women experience on a day-to-day basis while scrolling their TL.

The Rose McGowan suspension seemed to be the last straw. In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the actress has been vocal on Twitter, calling out hypocrisy and not backing down. Twitter said the suspension was a result of Rose tweeting out a phone number. However, the punishment seems to be completely arbitrary.

Women Boycott Twitter was created in response to this and a very long list of ways Twitter has failed to protect it’s users (women in particular). So far, there are lots of people on board.

Chrissy Teigen also shared another tweet. It really highlights why this is happening.

This is what many, MANY women experience on Twitter. Every single day. Tweets are reported, all the time. But by and large, they’re found to not be in violation of the rules. Arguably, threatening to rape someone should get you banned. Right? Turns out, not so much!

So if you open the Twitters today and notice it’s a ghost town, there’s a good reason. Women are fed up. People are fed up. Twitter shouldn’t profit off abuse. We deserve better.

If you feel inclined, maybe hide your Twitter app today. Take a mental health day! Lord knows we all need one. Or hope on over to Facebook. Surely someone’s racist grandma is looking for a fight.

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