Facebook Deletes Photos Of Breastfeeding Women

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about breastfeeding and it has nothing to do with the ongoing milk vs. formula debate. These days, it’s about whether breasts are offensive to look at — at least within the context of nursing. According to some of the powers-that-be at Facebook, nipples are a no-no. The social media giant has been randomly deleting breastfeeding photos, claiming that exposed nipples are considered a violation and can be removed.

Not surprisingly, there’s an official petition to the policy (on Facebook, of course). Called “Hey, Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!” the group — which boasts a whopping 258,000-plus members — allows people to convey their outrage and acts as a kind of support group to nursing moms everywhere.

“Facebook just recently deleted one of my breastfeeding pictures citing it as pornographic!” reads a recent post by group member Jenna Miller, whose next post features said photo. “Don’t try to figure out Facebook’s capricious immaturity,” reads one of many supportive comments (lots of them written by men).

Clearly, Facebook execs will be steering clear of Sara McConnell. The Ottawa-based photographer offers breastfeeding portraits intended to document this fleeting moment in time. (Didn’t you know? Baby bumps are so yesterday.)

While I never  would have posed for a breastfeeding  shoot in all of my bloated, pancake-sized nipples, post-birth glory, I’m all for moms who are into it (so long as they don’t forward me their pics in a mass email). What I do find ridiculous, though, is Facebook’s policy of removing photos of this very natural act.

Grow up, FB. Have you never seen a woman’s boobs before?

(Photo: BananaStock)