8 Easy Halloween Classroom Treat Hacks For Busy Parents

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I’m having a mild bout of anxiety because this is the first year I will be expected to bring treats to my kid’s preschool class. I know that I’m not the type of mom who can pull off some super-cute-baking-feat, so I have spent the last few days perusing Pinterest for some easy, no-bake solutions. I also don’t have the time to fail. It turns out plenty of parents have already faced this dilemma and complied tons of classroom treat hacks on Pinterest.

What did parents do before Pinterest? Actually – they probably bought some candy corn, stuck it in a Ziploc snack bag and called it a day. I may do that if any of the following suggestions prove to be more difficult than they look.

1. Witches’ Hats



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No baking involved! I’m sold. All you need to pull these off are some Keebler fudge striped cookies, Hershey Kisses, and orange frosting. There’s no way to screw this up.

2. Frankenstein Pudding Cups



Technically you do need to put a little effort into these to make the pudding and draw on the cups, but it’s still something I think is relatively fool-proof. Pour some green pudding in a cup, get some googly-eyes, a sharpie, and some chocolate sprinkles — and you’re done.

3. Monster Doughnuts


Buy the doughnuts. Buy the teeth. Shove the teeth into the middle of the doughnut (close the jaws first), pop some chocolate chips in for eyes. Donezo.


4. Banana Ghosts and Clementine Pumpkins



Maybe your kid’s school doesn’t want you bringing in a bunch of junk on a day that is already going to be filled with candy. You can go this healthy but fun route; all you need is some bananas, clementines, celery, and chocolate chips. The kids will probably cry when they see this, but what are you gonna do?

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