10 Halloween Treats For Toddlers To Help Make – But Wash Their Hands First Because Gross

e59256ad1811d87c1d9183f816a9db96__1381935065_74.134.205.46I’m all about making even tiny kids help in the kitchen, because I believe we owe it to our children to eventually have them leave our happy little nests and know how to make something besides ramen noodles. Since my kids could toddle on two legs I’ve had them help prepare meals, everything from washing vegetables to setting the table. I love cooking, well, I love it when I really have time to do it, and I think mealtimes can be the happiest part of the day, especially when you use it as a chance to hang out with your kids. And Halloween is so much fun because you and your kids can create all sorts of treats in your kitchen, and these are so easy even a child who lives off yogurt and string cheese can help. PRO TIP: Help them wash their hands first, because the majority of toddlers have snot, dog hair, and fly guts on their little fingers. Plus, Play Doh.

Banana Ghosts 

225c6d9234d88d386a6c7b8102045b67Snack Girl created these, and they consist of two of the stapes of a toddler diet: bananas and Cheerios.

Doughnut Vampires 



I feel like my life is pretty incomplete because I have never shoved plastic vampire teeth and chocolate chips into a doughnut. Via pinterest.

 Goldfish Pumpkin Face 


Also via Pinterest,  I’m pretty sure letting a toddler art direct raisins, a carefully cut up banana and Goldfish crackers into a Jack ‘O Lantern face could keep them busy for at least 15 minutes.

 Vegetable Monsters 


Lightbulb  Books has this cute tutorial about how you can use cut up vegetables and cream cheese “glue” and let your kids create these monsters.

Ghost Eggs 


Also from Pinterest, get your kids some food grade markers, boil some eggs, cool them and let them draw spooky ghost faces on them.

Haystack Monsters 


From Kathie Cooks, an adult should handle the chocolate melting but your kids can decorate these little guys.

 Pudding Ghosts 


From Brimful Curiosities, I’m sure letting your kid spray some whipped cream in a can to make a ghost and adding chocolate chips for eyes on top of a pudding cup would make you parent of the week. Yes, your kid will make a mess with the whipped cream so keep paper towels handy.

Spooky Hummus 


I think when my kids were little they each went through a phase where basically all they would eat was hummus. Cooking By The Seat of Our Pants has an awesome recipe and you can let your little monsters use cookie cutters to cut out scary shapes from tortillas.

Mummy Dogs 



Spoonful has the recipe but you almost don’t need one. Let your kids wrap up their hot dogs or vegan dogs and who cares if they look more like ghosts than mummies? The trick is letting your kids take part in the preparation. And if kids help make something, they are more likely to eat it.

Cookie Spiders 


From ivillage, set your kids up with some Oreos or other sandwich cookie, some pretzel legs and some small candies or orange tiny M&Ms for eyes and show them how to create these little bugs.

Image: (Pinterest)

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