Video: Man Attempts To Abduct 7-Year-Old Girl At Walmart

A man attempted to abduct 7-year-old Brittney Baxter in the toy aisle at a Walmart in Bremen, Georgia, and the terrifying surveillance video is now circulating like mad. I tried not to watch it who wants to watch an attempted abduction? but I had to click play because, um, this is kind of my worst parenting nightmare realized. Fortunately, the girl kicked and screamed and managed to get away unharmed thank god.

Brittney said the man started talking to her while she was looking at toys. Her mom, Georgeanne Baxter, was picking up groceries in a nearby aisle. Suddenly, the man put his hand over Brittney’s mouth and tried to carry her away. But the little girl squirmed, flailed her arms and legs, and made as much noise as possible until the man let go, ran away and drove off in his car.

A description of the man’s car led police to his home, where he was promptly arrested. Thomas Woods, 25, faces a charge of attempting kidnapping (though he denies the claims). Meanwhile, he was out on parole after being convicted of voluntary manslaughter, which makes the whole things all the more chilling.

Some people have already criticized Brittney’s mom, claiming it was irresponsible of her to leave her child unattended in the first place. But others have shot back with the fact that she was close by and that no parent can keep an eye on their child at all times. Either way, it’s not the mother’s fault this deranged man tried to kidnap her daughter, that’s for sure. I’m just grateful that Brittney knew what to do in this horrifying circumstance a lesson we should all be teaching our children.

(Video: ABC News)

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