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Doorbell Notes From Moms Who Just Want To Be Left Alone

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No one even likes to answer their phone anymore, so answering the door is pretty much out of the question. I can’t be the only one who becomes irate when I go to the door and there are a couple of smiling Jehova’s Witnesses or someone trying to sell a lawn service. These people may as well have let themselves into my apartment and climbed into my bed for a nap. That’s how inconvenienced I feel having to interact with strangers on my own doorstep.

Add a sleeping baby to the equation? Um, fuck off. Fuck right off, random stranger.

Someone amassed a bunch of notes written by moms who just want to be left alone on Reddit. It’s brilliant. I want to make plaques out of them. Wouldn’t they make the perfect baby shower gift?


Short. Sweet. To the point.


Yes. Admittedly I’d be less pissed if it was Channing Tatum.


I didn’t even know “snipe” was a verb. I’m not ringing this doorbell, even thought it’s hard to resist its pleasant glow.

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