There’s Nothing More Wholesome Than This Honey Maid Ad That Features All Kinds Of Families

Honey Maid used same-sex couples in one of their advertising campaigns last year and a sea of “good Christians” arose from the internet to protest the beautiful commercial and Honey Maid for airing it. The company responded to its haters by releasing a video of an artist building a mural with all of the hate mail they received that simply said, “Love.” Funny how those who claim to be doing the work of God need to be reminded to love one another.

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It seems Honey Maid is going to continue being awesome in 2015. They released a new ad campaign that is inclusive of many family dynamics — divorced families, same sex couples, mixed-race families — it’s a giant love-fest in commercial form. Here it is:


As if we needed another reason to binge on delicious graham crackers. I love this company.

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