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TGI Friday Open Thread: Tell Us All About Your Drugs

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Patty Duke in Valley of the Dolls, 1967.I don’t take a daily vitamin because I think I once read somewhere that you get all the nutrients you need from food and vitamins are a lie. But I’m totally willing to gooble down anything you guys tell me to because I believe anything you say. I have recently started taking 1,000 MG of Biotin a day, because the Amazon reviews of it are fab and I want my hair and nails to grow longer. I have no idea if this is the correct dosage, because I read on one of those long hair forums that some of these bitches are sucking down 5,000 MG a day.

Do you take vitamins or supplements or other magical drugs your doctor gives you that I also may want to take? Or are you like me and your vitamin regime is stealing one of your kids gummy vitamins on occasion because they taste like candy? Also! I am considering taking prenatals because I remember my hair got so amazing when I was pregnant.

In addition to your drug usage, what else are you doing this weekend? This is kind of dumb but when I was on my juice fast I decided I wanted a spaghetti sandwich more than anything and I thought it was something I invented but I guess they are a real thing.



So I promised my kids we would make them this weekend. I just need to pick up some basil.


Feel free to tell me what you are eating, because that is highly important to me.

What else have you got going on? How are the kids? How are your pets? Do you have to clean? I have to clean. So tell me about your drugs and your fun weekend plan and your not fun weekend plans and if you think that sandwich looks gross, because I’m pretty excited. Go go go!

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