5 Pregnancy Myths That May Have A Little Truth To Them

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pregnancy pains

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Pregnant women are prime targets for well-meaning “advice”. Doesn’t matter if it’s her first or fifth child, someone always knows something she doesn’t, or knows something better. Do this, don’t do that, eat this, stay away from that. Suddenly every single person is a freaking pregnancy and childbirth expert! They want to share what they did, and what their moms did, and their mom’s moms. Now, some of the advice given to pregnant women is really good. It can be especially helpful for first-time moms! Some of the best advice we got during our pregnancies came from friends and strangers, not a book or our doctor. Little things like how to use a pregnancy pillow to get comfy or how to make an icicle pad for relief after childbirth. But some of the advice, like pregnancy myths, can be … interesting.

Pregnancy myths have followed women for centuries, passed down from generation to generation. A lot of them are, quite frankly, pretty silly. Don’t let a cat in the nursery because they’ll smother the baby. If you have bad skin during pregnancy, it means you’re having a girl. Who DOESN’T have bad skin during pregnancy?! Seriously, some of the “advice” dispensed in the form of pregnancy myths is laughable. But not all of them should be discounted completely. Some of these myths have a grain of truth to them, and if you squint at it, can actually be pretty useful.

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