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10 Hardcore Napping Hacks For Moms

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As a new mom, your focus is likely to be 100% on how to get your child to GO TO SLEEP. Or maybe that was just me. All I ever thought about was how to effectively, yet not too cruelly, sleep train my kids so they would finally attain the elusive achievement of sleeping through the night. But in the hubbub and shuffle of never getting any shuteye, I totally forgot about myself. I was sorely sleep deprived as a new mom, and at times, I still am. Will a tired mom ever get a break? The answer lies in the hardcore mom nap.

Moms, trust me when I say that you have to learn how to nap. You can nap on the commuter train, you can nap in your car on your lunch break (my favorite!), or you can nap on the couch for five minutes before your kids get home from school. This is a basic skill you should have learned in college, but I’m here to provide a refresher course for you.

Now get to sleep!

1. Set a timer on your phone, 26 minutes to be exact.

2. Choose a place: A quiet, dark room is your best bet.

3. Keep a sleep mask and ear plugs in your purse to avoid disturbance.

4. If you have no shame, invest in this awesome head pillow to get comfortable at the airport.

5. Nap right after lunch to kick that natural energy dip in the ass.

6. If possible, nap at the same time every day to avoid disrupted nighttime sleep.

7. Focus on the rhythm of your breath instead of counting sheep.

8. Wrap your purse around your leg like a ninja if you’re sleeping on the train.

9. Try the caffeine power nap to reboot your brain right after a cup of coffee. 

10. Ditch the guilt to make it easier to fall asleep: Napping has a ridiculous number of health benefits.

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