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Artist Creates Amazing Comic Strip to Document a Day in the Life of a Mom

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The day-to-day grind of motherhood can wear you down. The days start to bleed together, and it feels like you’re constantly busy but never actually accomplish anything, right? You tend to lose track of all the amazing little details of each day, too. But an artist on Twitter drew an hourly comic strip of a day in her life with her toddler, and honestly, seeing it from this perspective is amazing. And so needed! Everyday might not be hugely memorable, but there are memories to be made every single day.

Philippa Rice, who goes by @PhilippaRice on Twitter, drew the hourly comic strip to celebrate #HourlyComicDay. She covered a day in her life as mom to toddler Robin.

“Something like 03:00am” is the most relatable thing ever. See, that’s the thing about motherhood: we all come from different walks of life, our circumstances vary wildly, and every single mom and kid is different. But WE ALL know that feel. And of course, Robin spent the rest of the night in mom and dad’s bed (nicely played, Robin).

Kids get like an hour of sleep and STILL wake up ready to take the world by it’s balls. That kind of energy needs to be bottled and sold.

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