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Levi’s CEO Concerned That Women Prefer Yoga Pants To His Expensive, Uncomfortable Jeans

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levis jeansSales of Levi Strauss jeans are flagging. If that news fails to tug at your heartstrings, you are probably one of the people that Levi Strauss CEO Chip Bergh thinks is at the root of this problem: women who’d rather slide into a comfy pair of yoga pants than cram their legs and butt into a constricting denim prison.

Talking to Fortune magazine about the company’s goals for growth, Bergh said,

“I am very optimistic that we’ve nailed this [.] We are not afraid of yoga pants. I am on a mission to get women back into jeans.”

Well, this woman (who is currently wearing a favorite pair of yoga pants) has some advice for anyone who’s trying to convince me to open my wallet wide enough to buy a $90 pair of skinny jeans. Levi’s as a brand doesn’t work very well for La Vida Mommy, but here are some suggestions on how to make their jeans more appealing:

  • Jeans that don’t look like they were designed for prepubescent boys and catwalk models. My curves are too bold for even Levi’s “Bold Curve” line–but a nice pair of yoga pants are a lot more forgiving.
  • Pockets. Real pockets. At any given time, I probably have a pacifier, a chapstick, and a wad of Kleenex on my person. Jeans that suffer from Girl Pocket-itis are not going to cut it.
  • Denim-Lycra blends. You have to meet us halfway on this yoga pants thing. We’ve all gotten used to being comfortably hugged by our pants, not squeezed by a denim boa constrictor. When I bend over to pick up a toddler, I don’t want to feel like I’m being given an emergency appendectomy by my pants.
  • Scotchgarding. If I’m going to shell out close to $100 for a single pair of jeans, they’d better be stain resistant. I’ve leveled up a little in dodging my kids’ sticky jelly fingers and sweet-potato-smeared faces, but I assume I’m going to lose a little mobility in a pair of jeans compared to the ninja-esque leaps and sidesteps my yoga pants allow.
  • Lower prices. Do you know how many pairs of yoga pants I could buy for $100? A lot. I could go to Target and buy a whole stable of yoga pants for every day of the week. And actually, I might. That sounds amazing.
  • Yoga jeans. I can go straight to bed wearing my yoga pants, but that won’t fly in a normal pair of jeans. I need yoga jeans and I need them ASAP.

So there you have it, Mr. Bergh. You want more women to buy Levi’s again? You want to court those sweet, sweet, mom-jean dollars? You’re going to have to give us something we want, too. And what we want is comfortable pants.

(Image: Levi’s)