Sure, You Love Your Dog, But Do You Love Him Enough to Put Him on a Stamp?

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I think we’ve established that some pet lovers will go to great lengths for their fur babies. Remember the custom pet pajamas? I have several pets myself, and I love them to pieces, even if they do drive my crazy from time to time (much like my kids!). So when I saw this, don’t think I didn’t immediately bookmark the page for a later date. Etsy shop TwinSoulStudio can create custom pet stamps of your best buddy or favorite feline. These are seriously adorable.

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These custom pet stamps are the perfect touch to any card, letter, or gift tag. Who doesn’t want to see a cute dog whenever possible?

Jeanne Yee is the owner and creative mind behind TwinSoulStudio. For $40, she’ll create a one-of-a-kind stamp of your purrrrrfectly pawsome friend. Just send her a photo, she’ll redraw the portrait in Illustrator, and once you approve it, your pet stamp goes into production! You can even buy a wooden handle to place on your stamp, so it’s super official and profesh.

custom pet stamps

Image: Etsy/TwinSoulStudio

I mean, just look at that face! That face would cheer me up any day. The custom pets stamps aren’t just for doggos, either.

custom pet stamps

Image: Etsy/TwinSoulStudio

The best part about the cat stamp is that you can see the disdain on the cat’s face. Cats are amazing assholes, and they don’t care that you just dropped $40 on a stamp with their likeness on it. Cats will bat that stamp off your desk and right under the couch, where you’ll find it four months later. I love them.

If pets aren’t your thing, TwinSoulStudio also does other custom stamps, like address stamps and human portraits.

I would less excited and slightly more weirded out to get a card or something that my friend’s face on a stamp, but to each their own, right? No matter which design you choose, the idea of making a custom stamp of someone you love it perfect.

(Image: Etsy / TwinSoulStudio)