Don’t Even Pretend Like You Don’t Want These Pajamas Printed With Your Pet’s Face

To have a pet is to love a pet. Now, I have quite the menagerie myself: two dogs and three cats. And two kids, who may or may not be counted among the animals, depending on the day. And our pets are definitely a part of our family. So when I saw these pet face pajamas, I immediately decided I needed some. We have a weimaraner and a pug, both of whom would look absolutely perfect on some jammies or a scarf. Don’t tell me you don’t want a pair of these for yourself. They’re absolutely amazing.

The pet face pajamas are custom-made by Patricia’s Couture. All you need to do is send in a picture of your pet, and they’ll create a pair of pajamas for you.

That is a good doggo! I would wear his face, yes I would.

According to Patricia’s, they will put any pet on a pair of pajamas, caftan, pocket square, or scarf. The website says, “We print all pets. So feel free to upload a picture of your rabbit, frog, hamster, fish, lizard, etc. All we ask is you own the rights or have permission to use the photo.”

You can even put two pets on a caftan, if you want. The company currently does not offer multiple pets on pajamas, pocket squares, or scarves.

Now, putting your pupper’s face on a pair of pajamas isn’t cheap. The long-sleeve pajama set runs $149, and the caftan will set you back a cool $299. But is any price too high to memorialize your best fur buddies? (For me, yes, $149 is too high.) Production time is between 4 – 6 weeks. So if you’re thinking of snagging a pair as a gift for the holidays, make sure you order in time.

I am obsessed with these and I might have to bite the bullet and grab a pair. I mean, I have plenty of pictures of my human kids, may as well do a little something for my four-legged ones.

(Image: Facebook/Patricia’s Couture by Sherina)

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