3-Year-Old Sneaks Out Of Nursery, Shows Up At Mother’s Doorstep

Imagine dropping your child off at nursery, saying your goodbyes and then 30 minutes later having your three-year-old show up at your doorstep. ALONE. That’s precisely what happened to Samantha Aldridge, a British mom who dropped off her son Alfie for his first day of nursery last month. Less than an hour later, her doorbell rang. Lo and behold, it was Alfie. The little boy had managed to walk out of the building, scale a 3-foot wall, cross a busy street and find his way home to Mommy.

Could you imagine?!

“I was shocked that he was there. I was happy and relieved that he was okay, but I was also angry and upset that staff at the nursery had let this happen,” Alfie’s mom Samantha tells the Mail Online. “Thankfully I was home to answer the door.”

Uh, yeah, I’d say! I think this story touches home because I, too, have a little guy a two-year-old who I could so see doing the exact same thing. He is adventurous and fearless, and he thinks he’s much older than he really is (thanks in part to having an older brother). I would just hope that the staff at his preschool would notice if he went missing!

Not surprisingly, Samantha is shaken up but grateful. “It makes me feel sick to think of what could have happened… You trust these people to look after your children and then something like this happens,” she said.

School officials have apologized but Samantha, 27, and husband Gareth, 32, have since enrolled Alfie in a nursery school with tighter security. Sounds like a good move.

(Photo: dailymail.co.uk)

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