This Hairy Swimsuit Will Literally Turn You Into a Sexy Beast This Summer

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Have you ever wondered why women are expected to be perfectly groomed hairless creatures while rocking a swimsuit, while men get to parade around in all their hairy glory, nips out for the world to see? Beauty standards are ALWAYS ridiculous, but they take on a whole new level of WTF once summer hits and we get ready to hit the beach or pool.This summer, why not say “SCREW IT!” and rock a hairy swimsuit that shows off your amazing beach bod in all it’s natural glory? Clothing company Beloved has us covered, ladies.  Behold, this summer’s hottest trend, the Sexy Chest Swimsuit!

Hit the beach with all the confidence of a man in this one-piece, and watch heads turn. The frighteningly realistic design has you covered in all the right places, and is the perfect antidote to feeling like you have to look like you just stepped out of a vat of hair wax this summer. And if this isn’t really your thing, aesthetically speaking, just think of the fun you’ll have watching people’s reactions.

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At the VERY least, you need it to be able to embarrass your children at the community pool this summer, right? It is our right as parents, after all.

The suit comes in three different shades, light, tan, and dark, and is available in sizes XS-XXL, so women in every shape, size, and skin tone can rock out with their hair out this summer.

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Image: Grimy Goods

Whether you want to wear it as a joke, or to show The Man that you don’t need no stinkin’ beauty standards, we hope to see lots of women wearing this suit, fake nips and back hair proudly displayed.

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