Beyonce Got The ‘Fake Pregnancy’ Memo, Wears Flowy Top

So far, Beyonce has endured a particular “bump watch” uncommon to the typical celebrity woman. Ever since footage appeared of the performer’s bump collapsing during a TV interview, there is speculation that the star may be faking her pregnancy altogether or perhaps enhancing her bump for public appearances. She was spotted in New York City today and from the looks of the outfit she threw together, she intends to prove that she’s with child.

I don’t believe a woman needs to be pregnant to done a flowy blouse but Daily Mail describes this as a “maternity top.” Despite Beyonce’s publicist dismissing allegations that she wore a prosthetic during the interview, the singer has yet to speak further on the issue. But by slapping together the standard famous pregnant lady attire of a shapeless shirt and big high heels, the performer seems to be conveying to the paparazzi that she is pregnant. Perhaps that top is from her new maternity line!


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