Mariah Carey’s Brush With Child Protective Services

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Late last year, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of new mother Elizabeth Mort against Jameson Health System and Lawrence County Children and Youth Services in U.S. District Court.

Why? Well, Mort had her newborn daughter taken from her because she supposedly failed a drug test. Only problem? She was completely drug free — except for a poppy-seed bagel she’d eaten earlier in the day.

The same thing almost happened to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon after the birth of twins Moroccan and Monroe on April 30.

“Child Protective Services actually came to me while I was in the hallway and said that they were here to see me because there had been allegations that there was drug and alcohol use during the stay in the hospital,” Cannon said on CNN’s Piers Morgan show.

Apparently the problem began when a nurse suggested to Carey that Guinness might improve breastfeeding. We’ve all heard this, right? Cannon said that someone overheard this and tried to report Carey.

Everything worked out but Cannon was displeased: “To even have to deal with that, with my wife in the state that she’s in while we’re in the hospital, to even have to think about someone possibly wanting to investigate your children…it’s sad at the end of the day.”

It is sad and hopefully Carey can nurse her twins in health and peace.