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Woman Who Shielded a Pregnant Woman from Gunfire in Las Vegas Meets the Baby She Helped Save

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It’s like Mr. Rogers said, always look for the helpers. It’s hard to imagine any good coming from the devastating shooting at a Las Vegas country music festival in October. 58 people lost their lives, and more than 800 were left injured. The videos and stories from that horrific day shook this country to its core. But among those stories of loss and terror, there are spots of hope. A Las Vegas shooting survivor went above and beyond that night to help another woman, and their reunion was absolutely heartwarming.

Las Vegas shooting survivor Sue Ann Cornwell shielded pregnant stranger Miriam Lujan as bullets flew all around them.

When the shooting started, Sue Ann gave Miriam her backpack to cover her 7-month pregnant belly, and then proceeded to shield her with her own body to keep her safe. Miraculously, they both survived without injury. The two didn’t exchange information in the chaos following the shooting, but managed to find one another several months later in a Facebook group for survivors.

Miriam wanted to meet Sue Ann to thank her. But more importantly, she wanted Sue Ann to meet the little guy she helped save on that terrifying night. Sue Ann, Miriam, and little Xander finally got a chance to reunite, at the Las Vegas Community Healing Garden.

The last time Sue Ann and Miriam saw each other, they were running for their lives. This time, they met under much happier circumstances. Sue Ann brought along books and toys to give to Xander.

Las Vegas shooting survivors reunite

A Las Vegas shooting survivor who shielded a mother-to-be recently had a chance to reunite with the mom and baby at the downtown Las Vegas healing garden. READ MORE→http://bit.ly/2GBubZj

Posted by Las Vegas Review-Journal on Monday, March 19, 2018

The ordeal both of these women endured is unimaginable. But even in the darkest of times, there are slivers of light. We’re so glad Sue Ann and Miriam got a chance to reconnect, and that Xander was able to meet the woman who kept his mama safe. What a lucky guy, to have such a brave mom, and a real-life guardian angel.

(Image: Facebook / Las Vegas Review-Journal)